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Big Data


WWS Smart Analytics is the easiest way for individuals and teams to collaboratively analyze and share data, visualizations and dashboards.


A data analysis and collaboration platform for individuals, teams and organizations that need an easy way to integrate, manipulate, analyze, visualize and share data.


WWS Smart Analytics can consume data from custom built forms, files (such as Excel or CSV), external services like google spreadsheets, IoT devices, mobile devices, data bases or existing systems, and display them in a unified way ready to be manipulated, aggregated and visualized.


The results can be shared with other users or teams for collaboration, visualizations can be shared individually or grouped in dashboards or stories to create high level views on the idea or problem being analyzed. Through it's extensible architecture and unified data representation, new data sources and formats can be added to fulfill every need.


We at WWS think that a much simpler solution to the problem is possible and that everyone, from individuals to organizations of any size should have the power that today is only reserved to programmers and data scientists.

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